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who we are

  • The school's target is to build up a generation to cope with scientific development.

  • A hint about the school history: The British Academy School is an integrated school.

  • The principle is Mrs. Sahar Yehia Nada : - B.Sc.of commerce
    - M.A in management - USA

  • A co-founder of many educational establishments, one of which is the "illi" The British Academy for Language, Tourism and Computer.

  • The school grants the primary, priparatory and general secondary certificates.

  • It consists of three buildings of 42 classes with average capacity of 25 students.

  • The school has a computer lab, two chemistry labs, two physics labs, music room, library, art room and a mosque.

  • There is a special care given to sports: football, basketball, volleyball, speed ball and table tennis. Beside summer activities like gem and zoomba classes, English and French/German trainning courses.

  • The school also has its private buses.

  • Our Methodology: The use of the latest teaching techniques & equipments; such as smart boards, audio visual rooms, school web site where all the school syllabus are uploaded.

  • We fulfill all students' needs attaining periodical meetings with parents to solve any educational / social problems.

  • English is our top main language in addition to French and German which are taught by highly qualified Egyptian and Foreign teachers.